Why Colorbond Fencing is Popular

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Why Colorbond Fencing is Popular

Why Colorbond Fencing is Popular

7 August 2015
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The available choices to for fencing now range from the common wood to creative options such as colorbond fencing. Colorbond fencing is a new fencing style that uses colorful steel rods and posts arranged easily to put-up a fence. Colorbond fencing is suitable for both backyard and front yard fencing. This fencing style creates low, neat fences that are both colorful as well as stylish.

Most people use colorbond fencing to create a matching effect between their fence and their roofs or windows. The material has risen to popularity due to a number of reasons:

Wide array of colors

Colorbond fencing can be found in many colors. The steel rods and poles used for the fence can be colored into any color you desire although many people stick to their original colors. The original colors are hard baked into the steel. You will therefore not need to paint your fencing if you can find green colorbond fencing to match your green roof or a shade of blue that compliments your windows.

The wide array of colors this material is available in creates room for creativity and expression using your home. The best part is that these colors do not fade from washing, rain and the elements.

Durable character

Original colorbond is made of hard steel. This means that termites will not eat up your fence and won't rot with time.  A place like Australia requires such fences since nature in this region always seems to be trying to make your life harder.  The frequent bushfires in the region are certainly one of the reasons why colorbond fencing is the ideal material for your fencing.

Overall cost

Colorbond fencing may cost the same as timber fencing, but when you factor in overall costs of installing and maintenance of the fence, colorbond takes the prize for affordability. Unlike timber fencing, color bond fencing does not require painting foremost. It also does not require frequent maintenance. Maybe a quick wash by water every now and then is all that is required.

A simple wooden fence may be easy to install and even a DIY job but in most cases, timber fencing is contracted. Most Australians and other people across the globe frequently undertake colorbond fencing as DIY projects. This drastically reduces the cost of having such a fence. Even if you contract someone to install the fence for you, they would probably charge you quite affordable rates for the job.

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