Different Types of Metal Security Fencing

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Different Types of Metal Security Fencing

Different Types of Metal Security Fencing

11 August 2015
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There are diverse fences in the market and the ideal choice for your property will depend on the intended purpose. Common reasons for installing these structures include promoting privacy, increasing property appeal and deterring entry of stray pets and wild animals. However, the most important purpose of a fence in both commercial and residential spaces is enhancement of security. A good fence should deter unauthorised access from burglars, robbers and vandals.

If you are thinking about installing this type of fencing, here are the man options to consider:

Chain Link Fencing

Chain link fences are popular because they are relatively inexpensive for installation in small and large properties. Basically, the structure consists of woven chain link wires fixed onto posts. Ideally, the posts should be made of metal or concrete to ensure durability and stability. The erected assembly will deter easy access and you can install this type of security fence to delineate your property boundaries. Alternatively, you can choose a variant wire fencing which is constructed by welding instead of weaving.

If you want more security from these types of fences without raising the costs exponentially, consider incorporating the barbed wire. This will discourage potential attempts at climbing over the barrier. Unfortunately, this fencing does not promote privacy or aesthetics so you may need to include flowery vines, shrubbery or privacy slates.

Metal Hoarding

Metal hoarding is an expensive security fencing option but it is durable and enhances property safety. In addition, the structure can be reused if you decide to leave your current residential or commercial premises. This fence consists of steel panels which are linked with clips and supported by metal or wooden posts. It provides privacy and it is relatively hard to bypass. You can choose different colours for aesthetic enhancement and you can ask your contractor to incorporate razor spikes for added security.

Palisade Fencing

A metal palisade fence is designed to provide a high level of security. Therefore, this is a good choice for your property if you are commonly targeted by thieves and vandals. The structure consists of strong vertical stakes made from steel and closely aligned to form a barrier. The fencing is neat and uniform and you can choose from a wide range of colours and finishes to improve the exterior appeal of your property. Additionally, you can enhance security by incorporating razor wire at the top.

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