Pool Fencing | Paint Your Metal Pool Fence in 4 Easy Steps

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Pool Fencing | Paint Your Metal Pool Fence in 4 Easy Steps

Pool Fencing | Paint Your Metal Pool Fence in 4 Easy Steps

11 September 2015
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Pool fencing from a company like Phantom Fencing is an effective way to maintain safety around your pool area. If you have metal pool fences, chances are you'll need to paint them every once in a while. Metal pool fencing is prone to rusting, so you'll need to prepare the surface adequately before painting. Once you're done with these easy steps, your metal pool fencing will look as good as new.

Remove Rust from Fence

Before setting out to paint a metal fence, you must rid the surface of rust. Outdoor metal is subject to external natural elements that could damage it and make it rusty. Inspect the metal fence for rust. Once you have identified the rusted areas, scrub the area with a solution of vinegar and lemon juice. The acid present in both vinegar and lemon juice will scour through the rust to loosen it from the metal surface. Scrub the area thoroughly with a rough brush to slacken the rust particles. Once you're done, use a scraper or steel wool to remove the loosened rust from the metal. Keep in mind that this involves a bit of hard work and may take a few attempts before all the rust has been removed.

Wash the Fence

Once you have used lemon and vinegar, you'll want to wash the fence thoroughly before applying primer and paint. Prepare a solution of liquid detergent and warm water in a bucket. Dip a rag into this solution and wash the metal pool fencing generously. Rinse off the soap water with a hose and let the fence dry for a few hours.

Apply Primer

Before applying the paint coats, you will need to apply primer. Primer is a preparatory coat used for creating an adhering layer to let paint rest well on the metal surface and to prevent rust development. Dip a paintbrush into the primer solution and apply it to the fence using even strokes to prevent primer pooling on specific areas. Pay close attention to areas that form streaks or bubbles and smooth it out when the primer is still wet. The primer may need to dry overnight, before the coat of paint is applied. Primer and paint for metal pool fencing can both be purchased from a home improvement store.

Apply Paint in your Desired Colour

Once the primer has dried, you can paint your metal pool fencing with coats of paint in your desired colour. Apply the paint in the same way you brushed on the primer and look for bubbles and streaking. Wait for the paint to dry for a few hours before applying the second paint coat. You can apply more coats to reach your desired shade.

These easy steps will have your metal pool fencing looking fresh and updated in no time. 

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