Types of Doors for Chain Link Security Cages

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Types of Doors for Chain Link Security Cages

Types of Doors for Chain Link Security Cages

11 May 2019
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If you manage a warehouse and handle high-value products, then a chain link security cage is an excellent solution for your security needs. The enclosures ensure that valuable products stay separate without necessarily requiring extra storage space. Therefore, the proper planning of a warehouse is ideal if you intend to install chain link security cages. Unfortunately, most warehouse managers forget about the type of door required for a particular security cage. It is an essential consideration because it determines the cage's ease of access. This article highlights some of the most common types of chain link security cages and the appropriate application. 

Service Window Cage Doors -- Different businesses have different policies regarding retrieval of goods from a security cage. For instance, storage warehouses for security agencies deploy security personnel to their security cages to collect information on the movement of products in and out of the cage. In such applications where there is personnel manning a security cage, it is vital to install a security cage with a service window. The security personnel will use the service window to receive and retrieve packages. The advantage of this type of security cage door is that it offers a double layered security system, thereby ensuring extra security for stored goods.

Sliding Doors -- According to professional fencing contractors, chain link security cage panels can be configured as two, three or four-sided cages. The number of sides assembled depends on the size of storage space. If the space is relatively small, then you might want to maximise available space, and this is only possible with security cage sliding door panels. The panels slide on the face of the entrance; therefore, you do not have to worry about packages blocking the doorway. Moreover, opening and closing a sliding security cage door is relatively easy since you do not have to push boxes out of the way. You, however, have to keep the sliding mechanism appropriately greased to prevent rust on the chain wire.

Fork Lift Gates -- Some warehouses store valuable products such as expensive wine awaiting shipment. The pallets must, therefore, be kept in security cages to prevent pilferage or theft. In such a warehouse, the appropriate security cage has forklift gates. The gates slide in one direction with the help of a caster wheel on the front. The system is referred to as a forklift gate because it is wide enough to accommodate forklifts that are used to retrieve stored pallets. Accessibility by a forklift can be done from any direction, thus enhancing operations within and without the security cage.

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