Why Should You Consider Welded Mesh Fencing?

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Why Should You Consider Welded Mesh Fencing?

Why Should You Consider Welded Mesh Fencing?

10 September 2019
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Welded mesh fencing is a common sight in rural areas. It's used to keep cattle and other animals in and to keep intruders out. What are the benefits of using this kind of fencing?


Welded mesh is an extremely strong and durable material and the posts which hold it up can be firmly mounted into the ground, making it a very stable type of fencing. This means it is a safe form of fencing, as it will not fall over or shift in position.


Welded mesh fencing can be bought in different thicknesses for different uses, but ultimately it can only be cut by using torches and a lot of time and effort. Animals will be unable to get through the fencing, no matter how hard they impact it and human beings will be unable to get through it (particularly if you make it tall enough that they can't get over it easily). However, its flexibility will ensure that no injury is caused to any animal that charges at the fence. It is even strong enough to withstand an impact from a vehicle trying to drive through it.


Welded mesh fencing can usually withstand extremes of weather. It is unlikely to blow over in strong winds or storms, as the wind will simply pass through the panels. It will also be made of weather-resistant materials and will not corrode or rot after heavy rain.


Of course, if privacy is important to you, this will be the wrong type of fencing. However, it is an excellent fence if you don't want to block your view. It is ideal for use in a sports area, such as a football pitch or tennis court, so that spectators can see through it. This also means it can be combined with other security measures, such as lighting or cctv, that depend upon a good view of both sides of the fence.


As the fencing will not corrode due to the weather and is more or less impenetrable, it will be very durable and should not need any repair or maintenance. It will not need any kind of treatment or painting and should last a lifetime no matter what kind of use it gets.

Welded mesh fencing is a strong and versatile kind of fencing that is suitable for a variety of needs, especially where clear visibility is an important consideration.

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