Top Reasons Homeowners Should Choose Sliding Automatic Gates Over Swinging Gates

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Top Reasons Homeowners Should Choose Sliding Automatic Gates Over Swinging Gates

Top Reasons Homeowners Should Choose Sliding Automatic Gates Over Swinging Gates

21 February 2020
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Automatic gates are a great addition to any property. Rather than push and pull your gate manually, an automatic gate simplifies the activity considerably. However, there are two common automatic gates, and they get their names from the way they are operated. The first is the swinging automatic gate, which swings like a traditional gate with the pivot point at the hinges. The second type is the automatic sliding gate, which, as the name suggests, slides across the opening and into the wall-fence. While both designs perform well, it is better to install an automatic sliding gate as opposed to the swinging type. This article highlights the benefits you stand to gain with an automatic sliding gate.

Takes a Small Footprint -- Arguably, the most significant benefit you are likely to get from sliding automatic gates is the fact that they take up such a small footprint on the gate space. See, with a swinging automatic gate, you have to consider the swing arc to be covered by the gate during the opening and closing action. If you have a small property, then you might have to sacrifice your landscaping or parking area, and this can lower your property's value. On the other hand, an automatic sliding gate only requires a small footprint to install and operate. This leaves you with enough space for a spacious driveway and a landscape that you can decorate, even if the lot is relatively small.

Better for Sloping Driveways -- If your driveway slopes upward, then you need a sliding gate instead of a swinging one. If you install a swinging gate -- either automatic or manual -- you have to factor the weight of the gate as it opens downward and closes upward. Moreover, the swinging gate must be designed in such a way that it will open and close easily without grinding the ground or pulling from the hinges under their weight. This is, however, a problem you don't have to worry about with an automatic sliding gate. Even if the driveway is sloping downward or upward, an automatic sliding gate operates on a straight line and is not affected by the slope.

Highly Secure -- Automatic gates equipped with infra-red technology can be operated from a distance. As such, a homeowner can readily initiate the gate to open as they approach their driveway and don't have to wait at the gate. With a swinging automatic gate, you might have to initiate the opening a bit further because the gates have to open fully before you can drive in. This can create an excellent opportunity for burglars to get into your property before you get to the gate; hence, it is less secure. Sliding automatic gates don't expose you to such insecurities because all you need is enough space for your car to go through. Notably, you don't need to wait until the gate opens fully.   

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