Reasons to Install Glass Balustrades Around Your Backyard Pool

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Reasons to Install Glass Balustrades Around Your Backyard Pool

Reasons to Install Glass Balustrades Around Your Backyard Pool

1 July 2020
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A backyard pool provides the chance for healthy exercise as well as socialising or relaxing. However, you need to be careful to ensure small children can't get in while no adults are around. Glass balustrades are one way to achieve this. Discover several reasons to install these barriers.

1. Keep Things Safe and Secure

Pool fencing needs first to be safe and secure, which is why glass balustrades make a perfect choice. They can be built to the specified height as per local regulations, making them difficult to climb over. These panels don't provide footholds, so they're not possible to scale. Though make sure to keep any objects away from the fence that can be jumped on, such as rubbish bins. The panels also need to reach close to the ground so there's no squeezing-space underneath. Your contractors can explain specific guidelines that may include rules such as having a high latch on the gate that is out of children's' reach.

2. Enjoy Clear Views

Glass balustrades open up your backyard and provide a clear view to all areas. This has a safety aspect as it allows you to keep a watch on children from other sections of the yard. Your garden will feel more spacious also, not being visually divided up into regions. If your pool deck has a stunning vista of hills and mountains, or a cityscape, glass balustrades offer the ideal solution for preserving this while ensuring safety.

3. Consider Hardware Options

You can style your balustrade differently with your choice of hardware. Spigots that secure the bottom of the screens to the ground can be angular, rounded or square and will usually be available in finishes such as silver, black or white. Consider the colour of the decking, pool and landscape when selecting these and other hardware pieces. Frameless balustrades will have the least metal encasing the glass panels, so they'll feel almost invisible. On framed models, the metal will be more evident, possibly edging the sides and bottom of the screens, and it will serve to define and separate the pool area more concretely. 

4. Rely on Durability

When installing pool fencing, it's crucial to build something that will last. Glass balustrades, by law, have to comply with the building regulations, and this includes using safety glass within their construction. Typically this is toughened glass which undergoes a tempering process rendering it much more robust than standard types. Laminated glass consists of two panes glued together with a resin inter-layer that holds everything together should the panel crack. Your contractors can advise on what glass is allowable for your specific installation, taking into account its framing and also the decking height. 

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