Benefits of Glass Pool Fencing

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Benefits of Glass Pool Fencing

Benefits of Glass Pool Fencing

6 December 2021
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You might be trying to decide between fencing styles to install around your pool. If so, consider the following benefits of glass barriers to help you determine whether they'll work for you.

Open Feeling

One of the best attributes of glass pool fencing is that it will maintain an open feel in your back garden. The transparent glass won't visually block the pool area from the rest of the yard. Even though it will provide a safe barrier to keep children out, you can easily see through the fence. Install panels secured at the base by spigots rather than set between posts to create the most minimal effect. Even though the posts are typically streamlined, they can make the pool fence more visible.


You may wonder whether it's safe to install glass around a pool. These barriers use toughened safety glass, not ordinary glass within windows. Thus, these fences are robust. The panels undergo a tempering process whereby they're rapidly heated and cooled. This process renders the glass panels strong and heat resistant. Even if you live in a hot climate, the sun won't damage the fence.

Toughened glass is not only less likely to break than standard float glass. It's also designed to fragment safely. Rather than pointy shards, this glass crumbles into rounded cubes that are unlikely to cause cuts and injuries.

Secures Pool Area

Glass pool fencing creates a secure pool area to keep children out. Your contractor will construct a barrier to comply with the local regulations as specified by your council. The fence will need to be a certain height, and it won't be allowed to have large gaps that let children squeeze through it. Additionally, smooth glass isn't easily clambered over as it doesn't provide footholds. However, be careful not to leave rubbish bins and other climbable objects close to the fence.

Glass Options

Even though transparent glass opens up a garden to make it feel more spacious, you have other options too. For example, you could install frosted glass panels, which will provide a sleek effect while diffusing light flow through the fence. If you want to block the view of your neighbours, these fences will create extra privacy.

Another option is toned glass panels in hues like bronze, blue, or grey. You can tint the glass to blend with the deck paving or the pool water. Some glass tones also reduce glare, which will make the area more comfortable under a bright sun.

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