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Benefits of Swing Gates and Considerations When Purchasing Them

3 August 2016
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When you have a child, your first concern is ensuring that they are safe at all times. There are numerous methods of baby proofing your home, some more extreme than others. However, if you would like to constrict the movement of your child to avoid them for getting in harm's way, you may want to consider installing swing gates around your home. So what are some of the benefits of installing swing gates?
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Contain Your Chicken with These Electric Fencing Options

18 February 2016
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Electric fencing is an excellent fencing system that can handle different tasks. For animals, it's an excellent choice for sheep, cattle, horses, chickens, and goats, among others. Properly functioning electric fences will deter predators and keep out critters while ensuring your animals are contained safely within the fencing. To ensure effective functioning of your electric fences, you need to have the proper installation setups and styles as well as the maintenance of the fences.
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Two Questions To Ask Yourself Before Adding A Privacy Screen To Your Fence

5 February 2016
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Everybody likes to enjoy time outside in their back garden during the summer, and you have the anticipation that you will experience privacy while you do so. But if you have just moved into a new home and discovered the existing fencing does not offer you the level of privacy you are used to, you want to rectify this problem fast. Before you get on the phone to your fencing contractor, however, you need to ask yourself two important questions to help you get the perfect privacy screen for your home.
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Small Garden? Five Ways to Assign Your Fence Double Duty and Make Your Yard More Functional

15 October 2015
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If you are installing a fence around a small garden, consider using your fence for more than just creating a perimeter around your property. Instead, have your fencing contractor modify it so that it fills two purposes at once. Want inspiration? Check out these five ideas for dual purpose fencing in small yards: 1. Rebound Wall A rebound wall features a similar material as a sport court, and it allows you to bounce tennis or racquet balls off it so you can work on your stroke.
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Pool Fencing | Paint Your Metal Pool Fence in 4 Easy Steps

11 September 2015
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Pool fencing from a company like Phantom Fencing is an effective way to maintain safety around your pool area. If you have metal pool fences, chances are you'll need to paint them every once in a while. Metal pool fencing is prone to rusting, so you'll need to prepare the surface adequately before painting. Once you're done with these easy steps, your metal pool fencing will look as good as new.
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